Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something I learned from Journey...

Something I learned from Journey-
just now driving to Steph's aunt and uncle's house before I go to work (again) today...

When we are put in hard times, what better place to feel,
and breathe
the power real poverty and life gives-
what better place for real faith?
Its a place where there are no easy answers
(because their are none).

I once chose not to believe Christianity was true because I was told to,
or because I ought to,
or because I read it blindly
- but because I, myself knew it was true.

What better place to experience real faith than poverty?
What better way to know, than life?
What better time to know than today?

If you're going through hard times right now,
know that now is the test for what you hold most dear-
for what you most believe-
for who you really are.
What stands this test now in you
burns away everything else
you really are not-
leaving behind everything you truly are,
and will transform you into something more-
something greater.

So dont stop believing.

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