Saturday, November 5, 2011

What have I done, God?
What else can I do?
I cant hear you-
my heart is beyond pain-
is there any real, tangible relief left?
It may be a bit mellow dramatic- but I feel like Job right now...
(yes, Obviously not to that extent, but still)
I feel so angry all the time...
it's not something that just changes, either...
what are you supposed to do when you wake up each day and that's just how you are?

to anyone who doesnt just come here off of google picture searches-
what are you supposed to do when you know you followed God's will,
and then had next to nothing work out,
and your own sense of personal identity systematically obliterated?

if anyone's gone through, or is going through something like this- let me know-
only real answers please, because i really dont have the patience for anything else right now...

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