Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God works a 9-5 with me

I apologize.  I've been busy.  I have been MIA for months.  Let me update you on my life!  I found out I am pregnant and having a boy, which is part of the reason for my hiatus!  I have been itching to blog lately and finally I am sitting here, listening to my current band fascination of the moment, "Wolf Gang".  
Anyways, today I just felt like I had to say something that goes along with how I've been feeling lately.  I have been going to work, trying to go above and beyond and doing things that help people (not just what's in my job description).  Today, after another day of trying to please my co-workers and myself, I felt burnt out. I felt unappreciated.  I felt like a nobody.  It really hurts to work harder than you know you need to and have people just pass you by and ignore you, unless of course, they have a reason to complain directly at you.  It can get wearing, going to work with a smile, trying to be positive when everyone around you is negative, doing things that aren't technically "your job" but you do them anyway because it's what God would want you to do.  I am not saying I do it for recognition but a thank you here and there would be nice.  Recognition.  I was thinking about it a lot today.  It hurts worst when you put in 150% and nobody notices.  Nobody cares.  Nobody really appreciates you. 
    I was moping around and got to thinking further...God never says our work will be recognized, or that it will be easy, or even that we will be appreciated by others.  God doesn't promise the world will pay you your dues....Man says that.  Is that why we get so upset when man also fails to show us any thanks?  Maybe.  
   The point is, Man's law, man's expectations, man's standards are nothing like God's.  If you measure yourself by what other men have done, you will fail miserably, always.  Good thing God doesn't measure you by the same criteria.  We work for God.  We wake up every day because God has a plan for us, for our job, our minutes that go by, our day, how we interact with people.  BUT God gives the choice to me. Will I get bitter because I don't get a pat on the back when I work hard?  Will I become angry and resentful when I work and nobody notices?  Don't I know God is watching?  I forget that sometimes he sees everything, and by God's standards, he will reward my efforts.  This allows me to approach the day better, and with more hope.     

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  1. Yes, God notices everything you are doing,your reward will be coming from HIM and not the people around you. It always get tiring when you try to please people, but you will never get tired when you try to please God. His grace is sufficient.