Friday, January 20, 2012

Promises not poetry.

As I am sitting here in a doctor's office for the next two hours, getting a glucose test done, functioning on little sleep and wondering what would possess somebody to abandon thier children (a crisis my family is currently dealing with, hence the no sleep last night) I am struck with a familiar verse that keeps echoing in my mind, like some song I used to know, but forgot until now.  "His mercies are new in the morning." This is something I have heard over and over, never in any particular context, really. I have never reflected on it, specifically although I have always thought: "its a nice idea." After what my family has been through lately, mostly being attacked sprirtually, I am actually a little surprised that this verse, this promise, is what.comes to mind. I usually react in anger. Anger is natural for me and usually my involuntary reaction to these difficult situations but today and lately, God has been taking charge of it and reassuring me with promises instead.  Isn't it ironic that the more we begin to realize that God is bigger than our situation, the more we begin to see his promises and his words as a solution to the way we feel, rather than "oh...well that's a nice idea..." God doesn't say things to give us a warm, fuzzy, superficial sense of security.  He says them because they are.promises he will carry out into action. God is not a poet when it comes to promises. He does not hand us flowery words with hypothetical meanings. His promises are statements. They are law. They are comfort, knowing that he will follow through on his words. He will act on them because he has already said it. God means what he says.

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