Saturday, May 19, 2012

North Star

Sometimes it feels like you're coming out of a dream,
waking slowly to the reality that things are not quite what you once thought.
It's hard to find a North Star these days- because like the heavens,
everything keeps spinning.

It's hard to be childlike right now.
It's so easy to hold onto everything we're angry about
or embarrassed about...
It's easy to read the right books
have the right thoughts and say the right things...
even if the moment is right- do the right things...
but most moments are few and far between
and the books end their pages
and a million thoughts are screaming through our heads...

It's a North Star we're looking for...
maybe not a quick fix or a guarantee...
but just something that says it's gonna be alright-
something that can take the daily shrapnel...
I think it's hard learning that weakness is really strength.
And what weakness really is.

God is our North Star.
And we know what God is like because Jesus shows us.
He's the kinda guy we would like-
someone we would all naturally want to emulate...
not because we knew we ought to but just because...
His type of living is the hardest,
the weakest
the Strongest.

suggestions for reading: "Speaking of Jesus, The Art of Not-Evanglism" and the Beatitudes (NLT)

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