Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Does

So, im reading Love Does by Bob Goff right now... and it's really helping this change that I think God has been so patiently working on with me. It's kinda hard to describe, but I feel like how I see and understand the world, especially as I understand myself as a follower of Jesus is changing- like a sunrise, so slow and imperceptible at first, until the sun's red rays crest and streak out across the face of the world... and then all the colors come out... and for a few glorious minutes, the whole world dances in shades you would never think exist. Im learning that I dont have to do anything great. That Jesus speaks for himself- I dont need to defend him. Im learning that God makes things ok- regardless of who, how or what I do. It's so nice to not have to feel obliged to have to be something incredible.. like he says, to be secretly incredible is much better.... God sees it, and that's good enough for me.

To be honest, though, the adjustment is hard... it's hard right now to sync up with this beautiful grace with my reality right now... because I feel that if I cock my head too far to the left, all the wonder goes away, and it's just back to my grueling, humiliating shifts at the gas station... God, please change me... keep showing me how I can just know you better... please help me to not be so self-conscience about all the christianese interpretations about what I just said. Help me to heal from all my insecurities... because I feel like no matter how much great wisdom I imbibe, I still dont get it... and no matter how much my motives are altered, I still remain cynical. I know you know all this, but it still is a little nicer, somehow, being able to voice them. You know all these things- you know my heart and how my day today is going to play out... how I'll probably forget half these things when im dealing with all the rush at work.... change me at my core- alter me in my in-alterable places- make me a new thing...


btw- check out the book, Love Does. It's awesome... search on FB for Love Does, too! Otherwise the web link is listed on the left, as usual...


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  1. I find my peace in the little stuff at the end of the day. Knowing that what I did does ad up. I start my day with fill me up with you Holy Spirit Lord to do your works. Then at the end of the day it is just small stuff for the most part. It's ok, small stuff matters to God. Like did I say thank you to the person on the phone that I talked to. Or did I listen to a person that I could not help find a new job. I mean really listen to, not just blow off for my next call.
    How did I treat my fellow man? Jesus said they will know you are mine by the way you love them. Jesus is in the big stuff, but he is more into the small stuff. Saying hi, taking time to sit with a man or woman who just lost a son or daughter. Not really saying anything but just sitting there next to them holding a hand.
    I think we need to take the mundain of this world and see it the way the Lord would want us to see it, life and what you make of it.