Sunday, June 10, 2012

As They Have NEED

In the early church, they talk about giving and sharing among the church body as each one "had need." Lately, I have been milling over this idea in my head over and over. I know most people usually jump to this and assume that it is referring to physical etc. I have been thinking lately, as I have been attending two different churches, taking mental notes and comparing this to community and service. Shouldn't your service also apply to body as it is needed? If your church is thriving and doing well, shouldn't you take your thriving servant heart to a church or place in your community where there is NEED? Need. That's the key work here. Jesus days its the sick who NEED a doctor, not the healthy. What good is having a thriving, service minded church, if you are keeping it to yourself? I get angry, when I see huge, progressive.churches who preach service and community, but only keep it inside thier own walls. I get angry when Christians are selfish with service. We are one body, and that means we serve eachother as each part has NEED. Service is to be treated like something we can give away, to the spiritually sick, struggling, and those that are barely getting by. The church is a hospital, services just might be part of the spiritual medicine.

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