Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Garden of Your Mind

Last night at the gas station I work at
someone left a beautiful picture and a bible at one of the pumps-
obviously it was some sort of outreach,
but for once i wont explain how
you need to speak people's languages to bring God to them-

sometimes I think the true goodness in random acts of kindness can shine all by themselves.
I think it serves as a wonderful reminder that our proficiency for kindness always needs stretching.
There comes a point in our own struggles with self-righteousness that we must realize regardless of whether or not someone does or does not fit a certain stereo-type to any degree...

It doesn't matter.

Who really cares to what degree someone is strange or different?
Why do we feel like we need to subconsciously categorize and treat individuals accordingly, like some morality scale in our heads?

Jesus didn't do that.

And neither did Mister Rogers.

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