Monday, September 3, 2012

"To hear, one must first be silent"

Last Sunday at church we talked about listening from God- really listening. Through taking regular time out to take everything we are- the nature of our heart and cares and worries and stresses and hope and strength- everything- and laying it aside so we can hear from God. So we can be in his presence- and by simply being there, have our souls put in perspective. This is because God is calling us on to the High Places- were we must be new creations to breathe the air or open our eyes or even wiggle our fingers- let alone journey on with Him. Who He is- and His regular exposure to us alters our very being- takes the 'self' out of us- so we can be new creations. This rubs off on others, without a slightest thought from us, because our nature is being changed. Listening to God can change us-

"to hear one must first be silent"

If you're ever in the Payson/Hannibal/Quincy area of IL and MO USA- feel free to stop by Payson Christian Church with us. Tuesdays by appointment with me, and every Sunday at 9A- we'll have hot coffee and donuts for you- and wonderful people along with great conversation. God bless!


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