Thursday, January 10, 2013

Neighbors and Wise Men

New awesome book just out by Tony Kriz (Tony the Beat Poet for all you Blue Like Jazz fans) called Neighbors and Wise Men- check it out.

I dont think I've come across a book that touches so closely with junk I struggle with. I dont really know if it's something I can quite name- it's still far too ethereal for that- but it's close. I can relate when he talks about being a dead soul. I was there- im still rising up out of the steel-grey waters of melancholy. Broken, somehow. I can feel life slowly changing all around me, as if my train is finally slowly departing the station it's been stuck at so long. Im glad Kriz was able to put some words to the whole feeling at last. It's like having an old, tired balloon pop at last inside. Now, I can feel the space where all the festering air once lingered- and I was wondering what fills the space now...

I dont really know that to say when people are just now realizing what sort of place I was in a little over two years ago. I've died before physically- but never spiritually- never with my soul, before. Trust me when I say that the latter is far, FAR, more painful and lasting. But God was working deep inside me, pulling out the deep things in order to restore me with far eternal things. This isnt some Hallmark movie ending. I am still scarred. I am changed and different- an odd creature now. But somehow I feel, quietly, that I can trust a bit more for it. I can feel through my scars a bit better now. If there's one thing perhaps, that Jesus has been calmingly whispering to me over and over again ever since I moved away from Albuquerque, is to trust him.

Now that my Winter of my Great Discontent is melting, I can see the tender green sprouts of God's greater goodness peaking up from the foggy earth. I can just faintly smell with my soul to the ground the stirring of (hope beyond hope?) his great Spring far off, yet still not slow in it's heralded arrival. He IS good, you know. SO VERY GOOD.

(Dont forget it.)

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