Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The second Tuesday of each month, all the pastors in the little town of Payson, IL where I preach get together at the only restaurant in town. Usually, it's for going over local inter church town events which require all our involvement and cooperation; however, the last few times the turn out has been small. Even though it's really just the Baptist pastor and I, I really have been appreciating it. The perspective and kindred spiritness of the whole thing really helps. I appreciate sitting back after a wonderful dinner and listening to insights from a man who works hard in this little town- forgotten by the rest of the world. The table to our left is full of farmers intently discussing which fertilizers will be best for their fields this spring. The waitress asked Steph and I if we are related to Glen, one of the local area UPS drivers. On TV the local news' top story involves still shots of cracked pavement which needs repaving, followed by a special on a man who left his wood-burning stove on.

I've found that I rush far too much. In my own mind I go light speed when instead I need to hear the wind. Listen to my house creak. I listen and share with another local pastor in this small town about the growing needs and doubts and wonders of our perspective churches. We catch up on the local gossip, subtlety slipping out stories like breathes of air. I think im finnally beginning to understand what it means when we are encouraged to find our place. There is some measure of peace there. The Lord has found us where we are and graciously asked us to share the reigns in his works, both large and small, where we now stand today. It is an honor. And even if the task be small, we are encouraged to take pride in our humility, our low place. We are to celebrate when we must rely on God's goodness. It is a good place to be.

Forget the rest of how it ought to be or how it was. As we walk with Jesus, he guards our hearts and minds- he is our reality, and thus we need not fear the night- or the winds- for he is our Good Shepherd. He knows us by name and knows all the hairs on our heads.


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