Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you ever have something hit you like a ton of bricks?  Do you ever have something happen to you that gets the wheels in your head turning and start tugging on your heart?  Tonight my son started choking in the middle of a crowded restaurant   I was terrified.  I was so scared.  I saw his little face turn red as he gagged and I reached into his mouth and put my finger deep into his throat to pull out what he was choking on.  I barely had time to think, I just acted.  I got the food out and started patting him on the back and as he was screaming, I just thanked God.  He was screaming, he was okay.  He was scared but alive.  I had a flash of a thought after that.  It was quick like lightning but God revealed something fast and fierce about his mystery   "You love your son."  "I love you".  "Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, and I will save you.  It might hurt, it might scare you, but I love you.  I will save your life, and then, I will hold you close as you cry, and tell you its okay.  I will hug you and keep loving you.  You are my child."

.....As I held my son close, letting him wail and scream and.....breathe.  God breathed his love for me in my ear.  Reminding me that he is there.  He loves me like I love my son.

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