Friday, June 26, 2015


I started writing this as a comment on social media and realized it was more of a post, so here we go:

I think people would care less about gay marriage if it wasn't one of those hot-button issues where it's either shoved in your face or anybody who doesn't go along with it is demonized... I guess I just don't like the agenda behind it... 

It also boggles my mind why people assume if the Supreme Court rules on anything, it's like it's passing some sort of universally recognized absolute moral/ethical law... The Supreme Court doesn't and never will dictate and regulate Ethics and Morality. So, on one hand, people who approve of rulings like the recognition of gay marriage shouldn't act like just because the Supreme Court ruled a certain way, this means everyone MUST be ok with it now, officially. While on the other hand, people who don't approve of the recent ruling shouldn't be too bothered by it because ultimately, the US Supreme Court isn't where they get their set of Morality and Ethics anyways...

In summary, legality does not equal Morality/Ethics 
(seriously, there's all sorts of crazy laws on the books all over the world)

And vice-versa, Morality/Ethics does not equal legality. 

Also, not only are obvious cultural agendas aggravating and trivial, they are really annoying, too.
If you seriously believe something is beautiful, true and good- why would you even need the courts' approval anyways?

There, that's all I'm all finished (drops Mic).

Have a nice day, everyone!


PS, although, on a side-note, it is interesting that we apparently feel like the courts OUGHT to legislate cultural Ethics and Morality... food for thought...

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