Thursday, August 19, 2010

God asks us to be so close to him we eat his flesh and drink his blood. So close He builds our bodies up and flows through us. So close that we are hidden in him. What does it mean to know God like this? How am I to follow my heat's beating for this call? I feel far- held down and strangled by everything right now. If this is what it takes for my wedding to take place- then its no wonder it takes an apocalypse for God to marry the church...

There's too much to take in... and too much to do in a day... and too many people to please...

Lord, I need your help. Come now for me and build me up far above. Help Steph too, Lord. I'm tired already. Keep me with you today.

I feel like the boy with a little bread and fish in the face of way too many mouths to feed. Remind me today of who you are, Lord.

Show me your ways.

Help this heart of mine.


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