Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues.....................
Monday. Monday. Monday.  Isn't there a few songs about it?  I think so.  I remember riding the school bus and listening to oldies where they sang "Monday, Monday laa laa la la la laa" or something to that effect. WELL its Monday indeed and here I am sitting at work, already counting the hours until i'm off.  Why is it that we never think of work as something to be happy about?  Lately it's crossed my mind.  I am healthy, able to get up in the morning and able to provide a service to the people around me.  I should feel thankful, no, maybe even blessed.  Wierd.  I never looked at work this way.  Is it that my job has changed me?  No.  Maybe I'm being changed.  Maybe my perspective is being altered, and that might just be a very good thing.  I have come to realize a few things about working and jobs and co-workers.  God put me here, which means he thinks I can be of value in this spot.  Guess what else this means?  I can be a light to the people around me and encourage them.  I have started looking at my job more as an assignment of where God sees me fit to be.  Maybe I am here to be an example, to work hard and show those around me that it's good to take pride in working honestly.  I have taken these things to heart.  I am trying to look at work as an opportunity instead of an inconvienience.  Believe me, Mondays are the hardest days to do that, but hey, i'm trying.  Some advice:  Plant your garden of good at work, and then watch what happens.  You might actually enjoy going to your job despite the fact that its Monday!

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