Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Rainy Day

So, we missed all the snow here in Albuquerque...

I'm tired from driving most of the day between here and Belen (about 45 min south of town)...

Driving back I was listening to a band interview over the radio for Family Force Five and I felt like a man who one moment was in a deep sleep subtly realizing he is now awake... I feel so up-tight. Like I have forgotten how to smile and laugh... I've been so serious lately... I wonder about that... how it's a subtle thing between dreaming and waking where we realize something vital with our lives. We forget what God feels like because we get used to going so long without him... that it's shocking like icy water once we plunge back into him. Feeling God again is such a mystery to me... a quiet thing like rain in the desert... or the sound that falling snow makes at midnight...quiet... thick and deep with silence- a silence that roars... without words or sound... in that moment, stillness becomes movement- thoughts become words that only our souls hear. It's a beautiful thing. A wondrous thing... uncontainable... uncontrollable... impossible to force... there is a vastness there that only the imagination can touch... big like when you were little and looked at a clear summer sky in the evenings- with all the bright stars twinkling away... and maybe we forgot what it is to see beauty... to feel with our hearts through the rush of life, God- in  words beyond Gospel.
It's a rainy day today.
God is in the rain.


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