Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mercy, not Sacrifice.

Last week on Speakeasy we re-aired an older show.

Many people were upset (the second time?).

We talked about extreme social pressure within our society,
and how individuals often handle it- for good or for bad.

How when an individual's entire life is orientated around a certain goal,
we can understand why, in hindsight, they justify atrocities.

Like abortion, for example.

We can understand their situation,
and while horrors like abortion are wrong,
they are certainly understandable once you take the individual's situation into perspective.

Like we've said a billion times before-
you cant just throw the gospel at someone
or any other slogan-rhetoric, for that matter...

you must meet people where they are
and speak their language-
you need to be honest, open and genuine-
you need to love- not theologically-
or situationally-
or because you feel obligated to...

but because you really do know God-
and in knowing, know love-
And thus can love others





Dont believe me?

Try it.

I will never apologize for love.

and the next time you have trouble with mercy, grace and compassion-
see how many stones it takes to cast first-
before you realize the people you hit are just like you.

They are you.
and You,
are them.

For the Day is Long.

Ryan Freeman.

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