Monday, March 21, 2011


Everyday my boss and KKIM/KARS station manager, Dewey  Moede, writes another one of his infamous "Dewey's Daily Cups".

It's just a simple devotional riddled through with encouragement, wisdom and insight; prayer requests and praise from Dewey and many, many others on life, the Bible, the Lord and everything else in between.

I try to read them everyday, because as often as not, the Lord uses them to speak exactly what I need to hear exactly as I need to hear it. Here's a great quote from one of his contributors from last weekend:

"The greatest knowledge I have obtained did  not
come through education or even experience. 
It has come from learning  the
grace of God has been sufficient and will continue to be more than able  to
keep me safe in His arms. The second area of knowledge that continues  to
grow and develop in my life is the realization that Jesus is Lord  and
The longer I serve Jesus the more I understand who He is. 
I  have
discovered He is not only my Savior but is also my Lord,  protector,
leader, adviser, and closest friend. 
When no one else can  understand what
I am going through or help me He comes to my aid not with  condemnation but
with real love. 
He does not approve of my sin but instead of  condemnation
He gives me the strength and knowledge to overcome sin.
 He does  not lead
me by telling what to do He shows me by the example of how His life. 
you begin to see and understand what Jesus did and endured for  our
salvation it will change how you live your life. Jesus never gave up on  us
and we must not ever give up on Him! Even during the last hours of  His
life He reached out to the lost. 
The more you know about Jesus the  more
you understand life is about more than your desires and wishes. 
Each  day
is a learning opportunity to grow in grace and the knowledge of  Jesus.
Never stop learning!"
 -Pastor Hay, Dewey's Daily Cup

check it out- get on his list and get it every day! Or just keep on clicking to and click the link on you left!


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