Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eschatolotry, a Love Story

Hey everyone- just doing a little research for the SpeakEasy radio show tomorrow on KKIM AM 1000 out of Albuquerque at 6pm (you can listen anywhere in the world at We're talking about End of the World Theories... and why people seem to be so adamant on them. Here are a couple thoughts from my perspective, just to get the mental juices flowing:

First of all, I am all about living life- and what I mean by that is if we are waiting for the world to end, we often forget to live now; as well as often forget the importance of living now... when we escape to mental refuges, they often turn out to be prisons of the soul instead, given enough time.
Take a look at Paul's letters to the Thessalonians- these people, similar to many others now adays, were literally waiting out on nearby fields for Jesus' second coming... common sense people... common sense... come on... really?

Second of all, often times when people try to figure out exactness when it comes to the end times... and often many others things, too- it is because they are extremely insecure. Bam. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true... see, that's the beautiful thing about Christianity- you dont have to have it all figured out for it to work: it is true outside of us, because it does not ultimately depend on us, but God. Many times people have a hard time trusting God, or taking him straight at his word... I venture to say this is because either they dont use common sense when they read the Bible, or they're after a sense of power, when it comes right down to it.

Third of all, have you ever even seriously studied how many versions of the end of the world their actually are... ever since humans figured out there could be an end of the world, we started dreaming them up... Im not saying this to be theologically ambiguous, Im just trying to point out that we're not the first ones to think things up, nor the first ones to claim we have the Bible all figured out, either.  I was poking around Washington Irving's A History of New York- it's an hilarious satire, but inside it he briefly mentioned a lot of old theories about history and workings that you and I never heard in school... which shows us that when we break the normal thought cycles that are impressed upon us, we realize that the world and the universe and life is unfathomable- there's so much that can exist, without us even knowing (imagine if you never met God, for Heaven's sake!). And that's beautiful.

I think when we get right down to it, we're afraid... we dont like uncertainty, and many of us are absolutely terrified that when they die, they'll just meet a mean God that frowns at all the horrible things they did... as if they squandered all their natural lives never encountering the guy for who he really is-  the most amazing, kindest, wisest, shockingly untame, good being ever. And sometimes, what we find in modern, accepted Christianity, in itself actually has very little to do with the real thing- it's sort of a seeing through a glass dimly sort of thing, you know. And I wouldnt have it any other way...

I mean, seriously, I've met people who read theology books for fun, because deep down, they dont know who God is, but just somehow cant or havent yet met him for who he is- not through someone else' lens, but one on one, on their own. I guess one of the things Im really trying to communicate here is that dont go to heaven one day and be chanting over and over a child's imaginings when the reality in front of your very eyes blows all the old preconceptions right out of the water... be open to grow and think and live... not stare at the sky, or get caught up in meaningless controversies about the Bible... "It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live." as a wise man once said...

anyways, that's my two cents... good night and listen to Speakeasy tomorrow on Sat, Mothers's Day at 6pm MST on KKIM... peace!

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