Sunday, May 8, 2011


Who is a mother?  We see oh so many examples of what mother is, both good and bad in our culture today and throughout history.  A mother doesn't have to be the one that gives birth to you, a mother can be the one that raised you.  What does being a mother mean, really?  Sacrifice, love, care, putting herself last, so that the people she loves are never without, never in pain and never in need.  A mother is the definition of what a holy love should be.  I know my mother is.  My mom never worries about herself, she is always giving to others.  I would encourage you to think about how you define the love of a mother and what it means to you.  Show your mother, or the woman that raised you, or the woman that cares for you like a parent, some love and gratitude today.  Hug her, write her a letter, offer to do something she enjoys, God knows she's given her life to you.  Thanks to all the mothers out there who give to us and the rest of the world all the time.  We love you, and happy mother's day!

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  1. I am so blessed to be your Mother! I love you with all my heart!