Monday, September 17, 2012

Younger Insight


What do you know know that you wish you could have learned when you were younger about Jesus, God, Christianity ect... ?? How do you understand that you know would have really helped you out earlier? Leave your stories in the comments (anonymous, if you must)- let's generate some discussion!


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  1. To be honest I wish I would have saturated myself in the Bible and would have known God's word better at a much younger age. It wasn't until college that I really started diving deeper into scripture. But as I did I had to repeatedly ask myself "why is it that I'm in my 20s and I'm just NOW learning some of these basic truths of Christianity...?" "Why wasn't I taught these things as a kid?" And "Why didn't I discipline myself in High School... or even Middle School to start wrestling with scripture and reading through it". I think the younger those disciplines are started the easier they will be later on in life. Not to mention the sooner you learn sound biblical teachings, the sooner you can go further and deeper into what He has to teach. I really like the old adage that says "If you do not plant the seeds of wisdom when you are young... it will provide no shade when you are old".

  2. I really like your insight into this. I think this voices what a lot of people feel, especially when it boils down to 'what do i really believe'. Specifically, which things do you especially wish you would have been taught and understood when you were younger?