Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everyday is Like Sunday...

Pastoring has been a new challenge for me- It's one thing to be a guest speaker, but an entirely different one to have the honor and responsibility with helping spiritually guide seven people. It's easy to do one time speaking engagements- there's just putting a message together, and that with a rather large build up of pricks God's been poking at you. But week after week- that's different. If you're reading this and you have a pastor, think about it. Especially the ones who you can tell really try to do a quality job with earnest- think about the patience and listening it takes for a sermon... Nearly anyone can sit down and write a speech- but I think a sermon remains a separate gene in the public speaking realm. You have to have to almost constantly be feeling with your heart for what the Lord is sending your way; you have to be flexible with local events; aware, as best as you can, to the church's individual needs; aware of how God is trying to lead everyone together, and try your hardest not to take the easy out by hijacking things yourself. Oh, yeah, not to mention staying as knowledgeable as possible about the Bible through as many applications and general understanding.

It's also a wonderful challenge as you begin to perceive the nature of the sort of church you're in, too. Take a second and think about it, and you'll start to feel out the edges of the sort of creature you're apart of- and then, if you're really insightful, you can feel your place out in it, too... I think too many times we have this overwhelming image of how we're supposed to be or how the whole church is supposed to be, before we can begin actively living in it, all together. The secret is there is no secret. You're there, as you are for who you are, right now. You're apart of something which through you and everyone else, brings out something unique and at it's best, holy- which would only show yourself and others a part of them together- as you are. Take a step back and see many many different people who have the one common factor of the hand of Jesus in their lives. Want to find out more about Jesus- take a long hard look at your church and the people who gather faithfully every normal, regular Sunday morning... We're all being made in His image together.

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